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Rollercoaster is a not-for-profit ensemble of Neurodiverse and Mixed Ability actors from a wide range of backgrounds. The ensemble have been working together for over ten years, and formed as company to create ongoing opportunities for actors with disabilities in Melbourne. The ensemble work together with a team of professional actors and theatre makers to create work that is truly inclusive and showcases the unique perspectives and abilities of all people.

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about us

our mission

Rollercoaster Theatre is an independent, not-for-profit theatre company challenging broadly held misconceptions of disability. Our ensemble of trained actors was formed to counter the extreme lack of employment opportunities for people with mixed abilities within the arts. 


Our work provides a platform for the ensemble to create theatre and film that defies expectations, challenges stereotypes, and raises the profile of performers with mixed abilities. Our performances are shown in the diverse contexts of established theatre venues, corporate functions, community events, educational forums and film festivals. Through our work, we seek to address the profound social isolation many of the ensemble experience, and to significantly increase their level of self-worth, purposefulness and personal autonomy. 


Our intention is to support the individual artistic agency and development of each actor, creating theatre that cannot be relegated to therapy or benevolence but can stand as part of the artistic mainstream. Led by a team of professional theatre and film makers, our program recognises the social responsibility of art and advocates for the skills of all people, promoting social change through participatory arts practice. Our work aims to celebrate diverse perspectives and bring marginalised voices to the fore.

company profile

Rollercoaster formed as a company in 2007 as a way to create ongoing opportunities for actors with disabilities in Melbourne. The Rollercoaster team are committed to creating inclusive theatre that cannot be relegated to therapy or benevolence, but can stand as part of an artistic mainstream. Our work grabs attention, entertains and, as a potent by-product, educates about the abilities and potential of people with disabilities.

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