directed by Maude Davey

The Spiegeltent

private faces / public spaces


directed by David Baker (ensemble member)

Memo Music Hall St Kilda


For the Love of Pina

2015 / 2016

directed by Nick Papas

La Mama 

Ararat Performing Arts Centre 


The Noahs

St Martins Youth Theatre

directed by Jess Huon 



chapel off chapel


sarah and jess directed 

Big Life 

La Mama


Directed by Maude Davey

“What are you afraid of?” “Spiders. Car horns. Terrorists. Getting sick again…”


In a suburban lounge room ordinary people watch the news and worry about the world, while in the halls of state powerful people worry about what they look like.


The world is trembling and we’re expected to just go on working, playing, spending, dreaming.

We know something’s fishy.
We can smell it.

Written by the rollercoaster theatre ensemble and directed by Maude Davey, fish is an all singing, all dancing fantastical soap opera about fear. It analyses the anxieties that pervade contemporary life… no matter who you are, or how you see yourself.

rollercoaster theatre company is an independent, not-for-profit ensemble of trained actors with disabilities. Their work provides a platform for the ensemble to create theatre that defies expectation, challenges stereotypes, and educates about the abilities and potential of artists with disabilities.

Performed by David Baker, Michael Buxton, Shea MacDonough, Ryan New, Erin Pocervina, Melissa Slaviero, Cameron Stanley, and Andrew Tresidder

Directed by Maude Davey
Songmaking with the ensemble by Jane Bayly
Musical Direction by Chris Lewis
Set and Costumes Designed by Adrienne Chisholm
Lighting Designed by Paul Lim
Produced by Anna Kennedy

31 August – 2 September 2017
Venue: The Melba Spiegeltent – 35 Johnston St, Collingwood

*Auslan interpreted performance followed by Q&A

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Image credits: Sarah Walker


For the Love of Pina

A heartfelt theatrical dance piece of pent up frustrations and long lost loves…

Inspired by the works of famous choreographer Pina Bausch, Rollercoaster Theatre presents ‘For The Love of Pina’ at Ararat Performing Arts Centre in August 2016.

Director: Nick Papas

Support/Facilitators: Sarah Sutherland, Carolyn Bock, Jess Huon

Performers: David Baker, Michael Buxton, Eli Jones-Resnik, Shea MacDonough, Ryan New, Erin Pocervina, Melissa Slaviero, Cameron Stanley, Andrew Tresidder

Technicians: Dawn Holland, Elizabeth Downes

Producer/Stage Manager: Anna Kennedy

Special thanks to Dianne Toulson

Image Credit: Ross Baker


The Noahs

Searing with menace and grace, THE NOAHS follows the journey of those hurled outside the norm who grapple to find solid ground beneath their feet. Raw and rich, this insightful new work clocks the brutal human tendency to objectify the other in order to keep ones’ own head above the ever-rising water.

The Noahs have fallen off the grid, and where they are it is actually hard to say…

Directed by:  Jess Huon and Sarah Sutherland
Assistant Director: Carolyn Bock
Dramaturgy: Nick Papas
Design: Zoe Arnott
Lighting Design: Richard Vabre
Sound Design: Chris Wenn
Video Design: Michael Carmody
Production Manager: Rachel Edward
Stage Manager: Katie Lockett
Voice Overs: John Adam and Sarah Sutherland
Auslan Interpreters: Lynn Gordon and Nicole Maher
Audio Describer: Josh Lynzaat
Publicity by: Eleanor Howlett (Sassy Red PR)
Graphic Design: by Matthew Harrod (Hobo)
Photography by: Sarah Walker (Sarah Walker Photography)


Performed by the rollercoaster ensemble: David Baker, Carolyn Bock, Michael Buxton, Jess Huon, Eli Jones-Resnik, Shea MacDonough, Ryan New, Erin Pocervina, Melissa Slaviero, Cameron Stanley and Andrew Tresidder


Image credits: Sarah Walker (Publicity Images) Rachel Edward (Performance Images)


Performers: David Baker, Michael Buxton, Kirk Best, Ryan New, Erin Pocervina, Cameron Stanley, Melissa Slaviero, Andrew Tresidder, Carolyn Bock, Sarah Sutherland and Jessica Huon

Directed by: Sarah Sutherland and Jessica Huon

Musical Support by: Heather Stewart

Set and Costume: Dayna  Morrissey

Lighting: Danny Pettingill

Audio Visual: Sam Santana

Stage Manager: Alex Pryor

Production Manager: Rachel Edward

Administrative Support: Samantha Butterworth

Image credits: Sam Santana


Performed at Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2011

Realeyes is a gutsy and delicate portrayal of lives lived through the experience of ‘disability’.  Seduced into the potent beat of the city, these powerful performers confront isolation and find footholds in a series of intimate encounters.

Radiant, raw and elegant, realeyes transcends the normality of the everyday and offers the possibility of tangible connection.

“The best part…is it’s irrepressible sense of humour”

“Should by no means be regarded as a special interest performance, it’s charming, fun and thought provoking.”

– Arts Hub, Nicole Eckersley


Workshops Facilitated by: Jessica Huon, Sarah Sutherland and Carolyn BockRollercoaster Ensemble Members: Michael Buxton, Eli Jones-Resnik, Erin Pocervina, Melissa Slaviero, Cameron Stanley and Andrew TresidderTe Toa Matoa Members: Kaburoro Baiteke, Tekamangu Bauwira, Ren Itonga, Bauraoi Keakea, Riano Kobebe, Tewaaki Konititan, Baia Namoriki, Regina Ritiata, Meekabwa Taberannang, Bobu Tabuia, Teuai Tainimaki, Kantaake Teingira and Tabwaia TiimiProduction Manager: Rachel Edward

Kiribati Project with Te Toa Matoa

In September 2012, Te Toa Matoa, a group of performers with disabilities from Kiribati, spent a month in Melbourne for the Using the Arts as an Advocacy and Community Education Tool project, hosted by the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations. The project was aimed to provide training opportunities for people with disabilities from Kiribati to enable them to use artistic media such as radio, theatre, music, video and animation to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and to raise awareness of those rights within their communities.

Rollercoaster and Te Toa Matoa spent four days together, sharing stories, forming relationships and creating work.

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